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Drive engagement, spark discussion, and get clarity in your meetings with graphic facilitation made easy.

Business acumen first, graphics second

Daniel Hoang is an experienced business consultant first with cross functional experience across several industries. You'll get better business outcomes by focusing on the content before the form. Don't just make it pretty, make it better.

Custom Templates

We'll work together to come up with a working metaphor, I'll bring a pre-made template to get the meeting going. This helps bucket up ideation into something that's later digestible.


Not everyone wants to be a professional graphic facilitator but sometimes learning the basics will help you advance your leadership.

Visual Workshop

Want to bring this visual practice to your team? I do so in an easy and relatable way, by not scaring away everyone.

Graphic Recording

If you have a critical meeting coming up, I'll partner with you to facilitate, or capture your meeting.

Cut through the noise with graphic facilitation

Are you new to graphic facilitation and how it can help you and your team? Watch this short explainer video to see how you can use visuals to cut through all the noise in today's busy world.

Lets work together

I'm making it incredibly easy to work together and can scale my offering to your need. Sometimes you got an important meeting coming up and you just need a better way to engage. Lets talk.

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